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Airport Transfer Seychelles

Seychelles is an island nation in the western Indian Ocean that consists of approximately 115 islands with lush tropical vegetation, stunning beaches, and diverse marine life. The largest islands of Seychelles are about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres) east of Kenya and about 700 miles (1,100 kilometres) northeast of Madagascar. On the island of Mahé, the capital, Victoria, is located.

Seychelles is made up of two main island groupings and is one of the world’s smallest countries. Prior to the arrival of Europeans in the 16th century, Seychelles were uninhabited.

The Mahé group of islands is made up of rocky islands with a limited coastal strip and a centre range of hills.

Make a point of visiting the Seychelles’ islands. Cousin Island, Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, Curieuse, St. Pierre, Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur.

Private Taxi in Seychelles

Once you arrive at Victoria Seychelles International Airport, or Aéroport de la Pointe Larue (SEZ) you can book a private taxi or a limousine service with Limowide. We will offer you a hassle-free transfer from Airport to City. If you need a city tour in Victoria do not hesitate to contact us. We will arrange a comfortable and quality journey with trusted local partners.